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SSM the official TOYO distributor in Portugal

SSM the official TOYO distributor in Portugal

SSM is proud to present itself as the official TOYO distributor in Portugal, the leading brand in high precision 100% electric injection molding machines.

TOYO, belonging to the Hitachi Group in Japan, has 30 years of experience in the development and production of injection machines, which gives it solidity and technological advancement.


In 1985, TOYO success introduced the fully electric Si series into Asia and North America. In 2007, TOYO EUROPE was founded near Brescia, northern Italy. Since then, the TOYO quality has also conquered the European market. In 2017, around 2,300 TOYO injection machines, totally electric, were sold worldwide, of which more than 300 in Europe.

We introduce you to the most complete electric injection machines range on the market, the Si-6 series.

Its 100% electric technological development will optimize the injection process of any company and industry.

The Si-6 series for its precision, lubrication-free, sound-proofing and, economy is usable in the most varied products in different market sectors such as:

-  Medical

-  Food

-  Agricultural

-  Automotive

-  Packaging


Advantages of using TOYO electric injection machines:


  - Range from 50 to 1300t for the injection of small, medium and large parts;

  - Maximum production and performance with an energy saving of up to 80%;

  - Significant reduction in operating costs;

  - Maintenance exemption;

  - Environmentally friendly technology.

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