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New Online Store Features

New Online Store Features

Thinking of improving your experience as a registered customer, SSM has implemented new features in the online store that will facilitate your entire purchase process and allow you to make the commercial and financial management of your orders.

 From this date you’ll have full access to new functionalities according to the intended management typology.

COMMERCIAL MANAGEMENT (User with Business Profile)

Product Components Purchase (accessories and components)

Orders Importation (make orders from the "Import Requisition" function using your usual purchasing software)

Quotations Status (qutotions and their respective states - Accepted / Pending / Not Accepted)


FINANCIAL MANAGEMENT (User with Financial Profile)

Balance Sheet (where you can check by date, download, and print all the documents associated with your customer card (invoices, receipts, credit notes, etc.))

Pending Documents (where you can have access, in a fast way, to all documents that are pending regularization)

The access credentials for the business profile user remain the same. To access the financial user profile, please request the credentials by email to marketing@ssm.pt

Good Business!

SSM Team

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